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The Benefits

Let's face it, employee scheduling for EMS, Fire and Police departments can be complicated and time consuming. Whether your department is full-time, part-time, volunteer or a combination, EMS Manager will simplify and improve your process for scheduling and staffing employees.

Volunteer and paid-on-call organizations will be able to schedule employees more flexibly and more efficiently by using EMS Manager options for availability submission, open shift sign-ups and rules based shift trading.

Companies with full-time and part-time employees will control payroll costs and reduce overtime by using EMS Manager's flexible work limits, optional administrator approved shift trading and our flexible rotation scheduler.

The message board lets administrators post special notices, policies and reminders. The events calendar lets employees view dates and times for training classes, meetings, and other activities. The customizable member database lets you track employee information such as certifications, immunizations, training levels, equipment loaners, etc...

To see how other EMS, Fire and Police departments are improving their employee scheduling process with EMS Manager check out our Testimonials page.

Web Based Convenience

EMS Manager is easy to use and easy to afford. Our "software as a service" approach provides our customers with extraordinary value. There is no equipment to buy or maintain, no software to install, no long term commitment required and the system can be used by all your employees from anywhere with an Internet connection.

FREE Training, Support and Upgrades

Whether you are taking our free demo or you've been a customer for years, we are here to help. That's why we provide each customer with FREE phone support, training and upgrades. We'll be here when you need us.

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